Dtladesigns X Star Lounge, IA

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I finally compiled the footage from a trip taken years ago to IOWA. I shy’d away from making this video for so long because the camera used was pretty low grade. I had a lot of key footage taken on a separate HD camera that was lost literally hours before my return to Los Angeles. I’d like to give a special thanks to Justin Talley at the Star Lounge who made the whole thing possible. Anyhows, without further adieu …….



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The wait is over, Bang Gallery is holding its first graffiti/street art based show. Appropriately titled “Smooth Criminals” will be showcasing some of LA’s most infamous writers and styles never found under the same roof.

dtladesigns.com Bang Gallery "smooth criminals"  A West Side Story
Bang is also proud to be the official host of the Jarritos Flavor City Art Contest. The finalists will be judged by a Panel of Judges assembled by Los Angeles residents prominent within the art community: Estevan Oriol of SA Studios, Raymond Roker of URB Magazine, Roger Gastman of R. Rock Enterprises, Stephan Malbon of Frank 151, Amir Fallah of Beautiful Decay, Casey Zoltan of The Seventh Letter and Known Gallery, Mark The Cobra Snake, Retna, Brandy Flower of Hit and Run, Chris Grosso of GuerillaOne.com, and our very own Lexie Gherke. learn more herehttp://jarritosflavorcity.com/wordpress/


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