Dtladesigns X Star Lounge, IA

Posted in MOVIES by dtladesigns on August 8, 2010

I finally compiled the footage from a trip taken years ago to IOWA. I shy’d away from making this video for so long because the camera used was pretty low grade. I had a lot of key footage taken on a separate HD camera that was lost literally hours before my return to Los Angeles. I’d like to give a special thanks to Justin Talley at the Star Lounge who made the whole thing possible. Anyhows, without further adieu …….


Video highlight of Feb. POP|LOCK GALLERY show

Posted in FINE ART, MOVIES by dtladesigns on March 17, 2010

Thanks too all the people who came out and fucked themselves

My Movies can beat-up your movies!

Posted in MOVIES by dtladesigns on December 22, 2008