Star Lounge. Iowa City, IA

Posted in CUSTOM DESIGN, GRAFFITI by dtladesigns on January 15, 2010

Check me out Iowa, KRUI 89.7 FM LIsten UP^^^Photo: Rabi Dtladesigns


JARED BAUMAN REPORTS – What up folks, this is your weekly report coming live from the Echo Eco Ecko Ekho Chamber er er er.  We are working on formulating a new show design and theme.  Out with the old that doesn’t work in with the new that might.

((( Echo Chamber )))

The feature of the show this week is a man named David Torres aka Rabi.  He is a street artist from LA that is in town working on a mural project all week…starting this evening he got the preparation process in order.  Be there to watch and enjoy a truly unique art-in-the making.

Rabi has been featured in the LA Times and the LA Weekly.  His projects are as diverse as the needs of the person – murals, custom clothing, body art, etc.  His site features a great deal of media, including pictures and video documenting past works – so of which are continuing to evolve…


Video time lapse of trip to iowa and painting.